A Big Fracking Box of Chicken

November 4, 2009

An oddservation: Have you seen the recent Kentucky Fried Chicken ads that invite you to “taste the unSUB side of KFC”? An “unsub” is an unknown subject of a criminal investigation and given the current popularity of forensic analysis programming, it’s difficult to believe that KFC’s ad agency didn’t make this connection. I know, of course, that their unSUB is a reference to their sandwich competition. Hey, maybe they want us to think about dismembered bodies while we’re eating chicken parts.

Still, the folks at KFC are the same family-friendly bunch who for a brief shining moment offered us a “big fracking” box of chicken in a campaign that was quickly reworked. I only saw it once on a legitimate commercial break during Battlestar Galactica and then it was gone. If I hadn’t written it down, I might think I’d imagined it. There were bags and boxes displayed in the ad, all imprinted with the fracking slogan. Honest. My husband and I even drove to KFC the next day hoping to find one for The Amuseum. No luck. I won’t even talk about how strange I find it that fracking is acceptable language, but the word it replaces isn’t. What a difference a few letters make.

So here’s some advice: Write things down. Record your oddservations and thoughts. This is your only opportunity to be first person present in your own life, so find a way to save some of it. Many of the things you think you will never forget will someday be gone. Try a one-sentence a day journal. You can capture things on your iPhone or your computer, write them on your calendar, put them onto 3×5 cards: just one sentence about who you are and what you’re doing or wondering about. Just one sentence about what it’s like to be living your life right now. Just one sentence.

Write a sentence about your life.

Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.
• Tennessee Williams


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