TITillation Nation: Following an American Obsession

January 11, 2010

We live in a tit nation. • Bette Davis

I collect quotations about many things. One of those things is breasts and I’m using this collection this quarter in ED 562: Human Development, Cognition, and Learning to illustrate that just about anything can become what I call a Collectory, multi-sourced research that is motivated by some kind of personal interest and expands to become much more. If you’re in my class, you can follow my weekly “breast watch” at breastwishes.wordpress. If you’re not in my class you can follow it too! The first post explains how and why I began my collection.

This topic is definitely significant in relation to adolescent development and to gender issues as well. I’m currently working on mounting another exhibit of Breast Wishes, a related art show, for women’s history month. This is a topic that’s linked to my personal autobibliography collections as well.

If you were to begin collecting quotations, what subject would interest you? Why?

I’m so scared girls look at my breast implants and think, “to get boys, you need big boobs. I tell them, “Don’t get it done. Those fears go away. You develop other insecurities, but breasts aren’t one of them.” I want to get them half-size.

• Jenny McCarthy


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