Ever the Optimist, I’m Often Surprised by Reality

February 27, 2010

I am a relentless optimist. I’ve said that before. And I’m especially an optimist whenever I get sick. I always expect to feel better soon. I usually feel better soon. I am surprised when I don’t.

It’s 9:41 on Friday evening and it’s the first time today I’ve felt like writing anything. I thought that time at home would be time to catch up. Time to get things done. Time to think. I was wrong. But I’m still optimistic about tomorrow.

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?

If an optimist had his left arm chewed off by an alligator, he might say, in a pleasant and hopeful voice, “Well, this isn’t too bad.  I don’t have my left arm anymore, but at least nobody will ever ask me whether I am right-handed or left-handed,” but most of us would say something more along the lines of “Aaaaah! My arm! My arm!”  ~Lemony Snicket
 (Daniel Handler)


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